Hi everyone

Newington Gunners will be playing at Wilson Park in 2019. Spread the word as we are looking forward to a big year as we start planning now for next season!

Firstly, we would like to thank the committee and volunteers from the 2018 season and now introduce the 2019 Newington Gunners Committee and volunteers group. You will then see some other important updates below.

The 2019 Committee and Volunteers.

The Committee and Volunteers for 2019 are

Co – President – Robert Cologna
Co – President – Greg Moses
Co – Secretary – Rayna Silanesu
Co – Secretary – Leah Louey
Treasurer – Lidia Valenzuela
Equipment Manager – Raj Rao
Kit Organisers – Jen Goodridge
Kit Organiser – Maria La Forgia
Ground Manager – Pat Gibson
Player Welfare Officer – Wanda Yung

General Committee Members – Joe Varkey, Bas Farag, Andrew Hirschorn, Ben Nilsson

Sponsorship – Sara Evans & Sharon Simpson

Contact details for Committee Members will be made available via TEAMAPP in case you need to contact anyone in 2019 but in the meantime if you have any questions or issues you can contact Co-President Robert Cologna on 0417200938 or at rcologna@hotmail.com

2019 Home Ground – Wilson Park

Some of you may have heard the news that Wilson Park will be redeveloped as a Cricket facility but the good news is that we have been given an undertaking that Wilson will be available to the Newington Gunners for the 2019 season.

In the longer term, this will give us time to work with Sydney Olympic Park Authority and City of Parramatta Council to secure a longer term home ground for the Gunners.

We will keep you informed through the season of how our discussions are progressing.


As has been the case in previous years, all registrations will need to be made on line via the Football NSW website. We expect the site to be ready for registration for our club some time in January 2019 but will send out messages to you when it is open.

Football NSW are upgrading the registration system so it may look a little bit different but we will be posting a step by step guide to registering to help anyone who may need any assistance.


Whilst we have managed to get enough Volunteers to maintain a viable Committee for the 2019 season, there are still a number of ways that you can assist during the season

Volunteering to help out does not necessarily require a season long commitment there are many jobs you could assist with that would still be invaluable to the club. One immediate job where we could use some help include:

(i) Distributing Newington Gunners Flyers – Every year we drop a flyer in all letter boxes in Newington and Wentworth Point (and maybe this year even Carter Street) to remind people to register and to promote the club as a great option for kids’ winter soccer. If you think you can spare some time in January to help deliver the flyers please let me know. If can be a great school holiday job to keep kids occupied.

On behalf of the club, we would like to wish you all a happy end of year break as we close out 2018 and are looking forward to a great 2019 and beyond for the Gunners!

Best Wishes

Robert Cologna & Greg Moses
Co-presidents Newington Gunners Soccer Club

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