Reminder Newington Gunners 2019 Registrations are Now Open


Reminder Newington Gunners 2019 Registrations are Now Open

If you have not already done please register and guarantee your spot in one of Newington Gunners 2019 Teams as soon as possible. The season is not that far away and we need to start getting things organised

You can register for the 2019 Season at the following Football NSW Website

If you are returning to play another season be aware the website has been changed and is a little different from the setup over the last few seasons

You will need to create a new account. Previous login and passwords are no longer valid.

Once you have setup your new account the system allows you to link your new registration to all your registration data from previous years so all your history is connected in the new system. Please make sure you link this up rather than creating a new separate account.

However, the link does not extend to photos. All players will need to upload a new current photo so have a digital photo ready to upload before you start.

Another tip is that if you are going to use the $100 Active Kids Voucher to help pay for the registration you can apply for the voucher on-line at this Service NSW Website

If you apply and get a voucher number you can enter the voucher number in during the registration process and it will take the $100 of the registration fee you pay. You should apply and get your voucher number before you start the registration process

If you have any questions about registration or the 2019 season please contact me on or on 0417 200 938

or our Registrar Jason Orcun at

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